How to get the most out of your Tinder date:

by Tessa Tapscott

  1. Choose the meet-up location, the more convenient for you the better.
  2. Don’t meet during/after school, backpacks are not attractive.
  3. Don’t get food together, watching others eat is not pretty.
  4. Do get a drink, lubricate the cogs of conversation.
  5. Probs have a drink yourself before.
  6. Or just show up wasted, it sets the bar low (or high).
  7. Have several “secrets/confessions” that “you don’t usually tell someone” to make it seem personal and establish immediate intimacy, i.e. “I actually love Britney Spears.”
  8. Have your own opinions.
  9. Be open-minded to theirs.
  10. But, if they don’t like animals make an immediate and speedy get away. You can’t trust people that don’t like animals.
  11. You will know in the first five minutes if you would want to sleep with them.
  12. The majority of Tinderers are there to get laid, so don’t be coy about your needs.
  13. Be the craziest version of yourself.
  14. Be safe.